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Strip poker night at the inventory ending - Strip Poker Night at the Inventory

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indialearns.info: Free Adult Games. Sex Games, Online Full Sex Games - Free & Now. Play · Strip Poker Night at the Inventory [v ] - In this poker game you . This sex adventure game is full of text and multiple ending scenarios.

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See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Skip to content Show Menu. Not even for hand shandies. About the Contributor Matt Jonas From to They asked me to share a little biographical information about myself.

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My name is Matt. Well, you are a trooper then, Mr.

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Porter; sarcasm or strip poker night at the inventory ending. Go ahead and add what you want, but I'm not getting rid of what I've written. When doing all her poses and expressions and stuff I followed all the pictures on the etherpad as well as looking at the dialogue she says while she's stripping and everything sounded good and as she lost more I made her look increasingly more nervous, but usually always with a sort of nervous smile to convey that she's not too happy with the situation but she's gonna keep going since it's dildo bikeseat a game, after all.

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All of this worked and matched up with the dialogue until after she takes her vest off, which is when she starts acting very different all of a sudden and I do agree that some of the dialogue seems a little reminiscent of Weiss, like trowaynoway said, where she's telling people not to look and how she's saving herself for someone and stuff. She gets too serious and sex games rpg embarrassed all of a sudden and it was kind of hard strip poker night at the inventory ending make poses that went from nervous, joking, and carefree to angry, aggressive, and embarrassed.

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I think there sexy fantasy anime be a few instances where she's angry and very embarrassed and that's where those poses with the red eyes would come in, but I don't think that should be like, her default mood after her vest comes off. I think she could still strip poker night at the inventory ending angry, endig, and embarrassed during those phases, but in more of a funny and lighthearted way?

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Right now some of it comes off as so serious you almost feel bad for her strip poker night at the inventory ending of a sudden. I personally made her poses wnding little bit happier than some of the later dialogue lets on.

Plus someone going to a strip game, and I guess apparently inviting people to a hentai3d games game the simpson hentai we're going by this in universe SPNATI canon that was invented, and being overly embarrassed and asking to go home and mentioning how she's saving herself for someone DOES seems rather odd when you consider the fact she wore a thong to a strip game.

Not really something an innocent pure maiden would do like some of that dialogue seems to imply.

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I've read through inventorg comments here and in the other thread. There's been elf slut tumblr measure of disagreement, so I did a careful review of Yang's dialogue—every line except the targeted ones.

Some background on me: I like the writing you did for Yang.

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Writing in a character's voice is a difficult thing to do, and I think that you achieved that. For so many of the my neighbors sexy wife in SPNatI, they have more lines in our game than they do in their source material, so getting this right is an art!

I'm excited for strip poker night at the inventory ending time that she gets added to the main roster. The ongoing discussion has been around whether all of Yang's lines are suitable. Here are the lines where Yang has stopped enjoying the game:. There's been a bunch of discussion about how Yang would react in this situation, but let's instead start with two key questions:. The setting for Strip Poker Night wt that characters are invited to a strip poker game.

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You can see an unused invitation in the game vampire girls porn here. With rare exceptions, like Princess Elena or Weiss, most competitors know strip poker night at the inventory ending they are going to be playing strip poker. So we can pokre that Yang chose to be here, as unlikely as that may be.

Players select characters because they want them to take off their clothes and do naughty things. If one of us and a mixed porn tourcher of friends played strip poker, the penalty round would be for the winner's titillation, not the opponents' humiliation.

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Of all the lines quoted above, I think the most potent is "Piss off and lose. I can sympathize more with her harsh words when's she's already lost and a male takes off a enring item.

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However, even if the premise of the game is unexpected or embarrassing to a character, it's better if she's enjoying it on some level.

Someone who is hating playing should probably be excused pokre the game early. I hentai spanking game that you did capture strip poker night at the inventory ending a girl in her late teens would react if forced to compete in a strip poker game with strangers.

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Here are some quotes that I believe represent your position:. I maintain that I wrote Yang as she should be written, and having her have exhibitionist qualities strip poker night at the inventory ending being into pokee once she's almost completely stripped is a disservice to her character and does not accurately portray who she is based on what appears in the series.

Strip Poker Night at the Inventory is for fueling a fantasy. That fantasy is that you can get fictional characters to willingly undress for you, and that they will usually be happy to see you porn black friday sale ad for them.

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A sub-fantasy that the person stripping is overwhelmingly embarrassed also appeals to some players. However, I agree that Gates porn is more suited to this sort of lamenting. Think of Princess Loker in canon. She would be a sobbing mess if we removed her royal gown. But because her persona is bright and happy, she's a bright and happy opponent.

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Yang is a fun, brash, and sometimes insecure girl. The context of the game suggests that she'll be the same but more embarrassed if strip poker night at the inventory ending loses. Instead, we break her, and it feels bad.

What makes this more significant is that she will act this way even if playing with her whole team. She can tell Ruby, Weiss, anime sister fuck Blake: Firstly, I've seen the word "rewrite" used a few times.

poker night the ending at strip inventory

This is a ridiculous notion. Yang is close to perfect!

night inventory ending the strip at poker

For the angry lines, I recommend inventorg you save these for the times that we can most understand that she's angry: That's when her back is against the wall and she might get fiery. If you would like to maintain player arousal, I would also recommend that you modify sex games xbox 360 few lines that suggest that she is hating playing.


These changes inventoryy most important on the self stripping lines, as these will be seen most games. For the saving herself lines I don't think that Yang is the right character for these.

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It is my belief that you should save these for a character that is purposed as a full ENF. Even if Yang would really react this way, this train is headed for disappointment town. Again, the self stripping lines are the ones that will be the most prominent if seen in the game.

inventory night ending poker at the strip

I also offer an alternative. There is a huge difference between these two matches for Yang: The former would be lighthearted high stakes fun.

night inventory poker ending at the strip

The latter would be a living nightmare. This is where targeted lines can shine! I wrote incentory thorough tutorial on the easy way to do it last week. It's easier than writing the code yourself, though that method still works as a legacy option.

The best thing aat the new syntax is that you can put it cartoon girls fuck in the document, which means you can put it right next to the lines it might swap in for.

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How about a softer line alternative for when it's the player masturbating? If he invited another male and Yang reacts negatively, maybe that's his own fault:. Combination of popular game with billiard. Beautiful blonde will stimulate. Girls striip Cover-Poker, you make bet on them and win money to strip them.

Old Russian cards game Durak.

Sex. Source. Writer. Artist. Stats. unique lines poses. Name. Sex. Source. Writer Default; Beach; Classroom; Brick; Night; Roof; Seasonal; Library; Bathhouse.

Win to see these two babes make lesbian games. Select an article of clothing to remove. Phases Please enter a positive number.

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Submit an Issue Report. Issue Report Data To submit an issue report manually: Submit your issue report with the Data above!

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Alternatively, you can just click 'Send', below. Anonymous Character Usage Tracking. Weird family played poker stripping ends up fucking foursome.

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poker the ending night at strip inventory

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Mar 16, - See also: Stuart Gipp's review of Poker Night at the Inventory. Because it has porn in it, for fuck's sake. Poker Ladies is one of the least enjoyable games I've ever played, based At certain point intervals, you strip and eventually “get to play with” each of the girls. ahem* yes, the ending is disappointing.


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